Quailman Costume

Quailman Cape and Shirt

Heed the Quail Call as Quailman!  Fans of the Nickeloden animated series Doug (or anyone with kids,  young siblings or who babysits, etc) will no doubt be familiar the heroic with Quailman.   This officially licensed Quailman costume shirt and cape, will make the hit of your next costume party and you may even transform into Quailman yourself once you hear the Quail calls!    Here is your chance to take on the role off Quailman when you don this authentic Nickeloden Quailman costume t-shirt. Click Here to Buy the Quailman Cape Shirt!

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Skeeter Bolt Lightning Shirt

This just in:   Fans not just of Quailman or Doug in general but even those who prefer Skeeter Valentine can partake in some Doug-oriented costume partying!  Available now is Skeeter Valentine’s unforgettable red costume shirt with yellow lightning bolt.  Honk Honk!  So get your Skeeter on this Halloween!  Click Here to Buy Skeeter Valentine Lightning Bolt Shirt!

Doug: The memories

In a similar (but not quite the same) manner, Doug is one of those cartoons to transcend generations.  There are many people like my siblings who enjoyed the show as children and continue to occasionally watch the show (in College!).  What’s more is that young children NOW are picking up and watching the show anew.

Perhaps what makes this cartoon so popular is that addresses the everyday realities children face, but does so in a lighthearted fashion.  This makes it easy to relate to, and for a wide variety of age groups (whether the viewer is 5, 10, or 19–these situations apply).  In addition to Doug and Skeeter, the show includes colorful cast of characters including Theda, Phillip, Dirtbike, Porkchop, Patti, the infamous Roger and his cat Stinky.

3 Responses to Quailman Costume

  1. Daniel says:

    This was my favorite cartoon growing up. I still occasionally watch it. Seems perfect for costume parties.

  2. Indu says:

    Just as described! I bought it for a 90′s themed party that I went to

  3. Greg says:

    Oh nice. Suddenly I’m hearing the quail call!

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